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Temat: Iu0027ve Lost A Friend Poem
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Temat: ETA..czy tak mozna walczyc o wolnosc?
...our land, we will stop attacking you. The people of US allied countries have to put pressure on their governments to immediately end their alliance with the US in the war against terror (Islam). If you persist we will also continue… We want to tell you that the Death Smoke squad will reach you soon, and then you will see your dead in their thousands – God willing… This is a warning… In a separate attack the Jund al-Quds (Soldiers of Jerusalem) targeted a Jewish Masonic lodge in Istanbul. Three top Masons were killed in the operation, and if it was not for the technical failure all the masons would have been killed, but for some Devine wisdom only three were killed. Thanks God anyway. We would like to tell Bilal bin Rabah Squad that the leadership agreed on the proposal, and when the representative arrives, work will start. We also would like to tell Abu Ali al-Harithi Squad that the leadership decided that Yemen would be...

Temat: Al CIAda ostrzega
...Bear in mind the example when Italy, drenched with blood, never touched a hair of the head of Sulla who had poured forth that blood: Sulla enjoyed an apotheosis for his might in him, but his intrepid return to Italy ringed him round with inviolability. The people do not lay a finger on him who hypnotizes them by his daring and strength of mind. SECRET SOCIETIES 4. Meantime, however, until we come into our kingdom, we shall act in the contrary way: we shall create and multiply free masonic lodges in all the countries of the world, absorb into them all who may become or who are prominent in public activity, for these lodges we shall find our principal intelligence office and means of influence. All these lodges we shall bring under one central administration, known to us alone and to all others absolutely unknown, which will be composed of our learned elders. The lodges will have their representatives who will serve to screen the...

Temat: Cytaty o Jezuitach
...dead. Also, signs of Satanism are seen in many outward symbols, customs and vestments displayed by the Church." After his service in Rome, Bishop Bouffard spent time in Africa and Guatemala, rising to a position of power within the Church. However, with this religious power came affiliation and membership as a Freemason, becoming a 37 Degree Masonic member, something supposedly frowned upon in the Roman Catholic Church since, according to Canon Law, membership in a Masonic Lodge brings immediate excommunication. For rest of story and more informative articles, go to Więcej tu: ... le=119833;